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In this time of ‘Olympic Fever’ it is an ideal opportunity to reflect on the 1960 Olympics in Rome and remember the moment that that launched the career of the greatest athlete the world has ever known….An 18-year-old from Louisville named Cassius Clay, later know as Mohammad Ali, defeated Zbigniew Pietrzykowski of Poland to win the Heavyweight Gold Medal.
His credentials as an amateur boxer were there for all to see: 100 victories in 108 bouts. Before the Games, Sports Illustrated declared that he was the USA’s best hope for a medal in boxing, but there was no real sense that a worldwide star was about to be unleashed.
He made an impact on the people he met and earned the nickname “the mayor of the Olympic Village”. In his peerless biography of Muhammad Ali, Thomas Hauser recalls one unnamed team-mate saying: “You would have thought he was running for mayor. He went around introducing himself and learning other people’s names and swapping team lapel pins. If they’d had an election, he would have won in a walk.”
He possessed blinding speed, incredible agility and a charisma that took boxing to its most popular heights. By the end career he would simply be known as
“The Greatest”.
Your Ali Glove features:
  • High Quality Signature
  • Comes with a Certificate of Authenticity
  • Framed with the ‘sports photo of the century’ image of Ali standing over a dazed Sonny Liston
  • Limited to 100 editions
  • Approximate framed dimensions 900 x 550mm